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Our Partner Brands

As one of the most respected cultivators on the east coast, CULTA is proud to leverage our partnerships to bring national brands to our medicinal patients in Maryland. Brands like Cookies, grass, and GPen complement our offerings to ensure that the needs of the cannabis community are met with the highest quality products.


About Cookies 


Founded by Berner and Jai in 2012, Cookies is a California-based boutique brand that’s internationally known for its high-quality flower and breeding projects. The breeding arm of Cookies, Cookies Fam Genetics, uses rare and unique genetics to develop new strains that regularly win competitions. To this day, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) remains one of the most sought-after cannabis strains in the world. In addition to breeding and growing, Cookies is focused on preserving rare strains for future cultivation.

CULTA was the first East Coast retailer to partner with Cookies. Our cultivators work closely with the Cookies team to preserve their brand integrity, and our pheno selection process and each of our Cookies strains pass their strict quality assurance tests. Since we partnered with Cookies in early 2020, our Baltimore dispensary has hosted 15+ highly publicized Cookies drops.

robhots.logo.main 165x165About Robhots 


Started in 2015, Robhots Edibles has become a leader in the cannabis edibles space on a national stage, developing a reputation for quality, consistent, and great-tasting cannabis edibles. After being named the top-selling medical gummy in the nation in 2019 & 2020, Robhots Edibles is excited to expand their products beyond gummies in 2022. With a diverse lineup of flavors, dosing options, and their new Robhots Plus line of products focusing on additional cannabinoids, it’s no surprise to see Robhots Edibles continue to expand.

CULTA is proud to partner with Robhots as their exclusive partner for production and distribution in Maryland.

Old Pal Corporate Logo

About Old Pal 


Old Pal is a multi-state cannabis lifestyle company founded in 2018 in Venice, California. They focus on delivering value to cannabis patients by providing an affordable product that’s consistent and high-quality. Through their strategic relationships within the cannabis industry (including their partnership with CULTA!), they’ve secured dependable production and distribution throughout the United States, including in hot cannabis markets like Washington, California, and Nevada. 

CULTA is proud to combine expertise with Old Pal as their exclusive partner for production and distribution throughout the state of  Maryland.