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About Cookies

Founded by Berner and Jai in 2012, Cookies is a California-based boutique brand that’s internationally known for its high-quality flower and breeding projects. The breeding arm of Cookies, Cookies Fam Genetics, uses rare and unique genetics to develop new strains that regularly win competitions. To this day, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) remains one of the most sought-after cannabis strains in the world. In addition to breeding and growing, Cookies is focused on preserving rare strains for future cultivation.

Berner started as a rapper and music producer and used his celebrity in music and entrepreneurial spirit to develop a multi-disciplinary brand that encompasses hemp-infused water, hemp clothing and apparel, and the monstrously popular Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strains, all of which skyrocketed Berner (and his brand Cookies) to the forefront of the cannabis industry. 

With the legalization of cannabis and the explosion of the rap scene into the mainstream, Berner leveraged his popularity and networking skills to make strategic partnerships that allowed Cookies to become fully embraced by a large portion of the hip-hop industry. The Cookies family of brands includes Exotics, Lemonnade, Santa Cruz Shredder, Vibes, and Hemp2o.

Cookies Values

Cookies was built through Berner’s vision that cannabis has the power to heal and bring the community together. Since its inception, Cookies has supported and advocated for projects and programs that use cannabis to heal communities, provide opportunities to advance careers, and restore lives. Cookies’ Social Impact program focuses on the following three areas: 

Workforce Development: Participants who qualify for the Cookies’ Workforce Development program will receive online education and training and will be connected to career opportunities across the Cookies’ partner network.

Advocacy: Cookies, along with Amplifier and The Hood Incubator, developed the “Cannabis Justice Now” campaign. The campaign uses imagery and language to raise awareness of the ongoing negative impact that the war on cannabis has on communities nationwide. 

Social Equity: To drive awareness and support for the many prisoners who require release and restorative justice, Cookies participates in various social equity campaigns. 

Community is at the center of everything Cookies does, and Cookies works with industry trailblazers to expand their social equity programs and introduce restorative justice to those negatively impacted by the war on cannabis.

Cookies: Strains and Lineage 




Wedding Cake x Sirius Chem D #87

Cake Mix

Wedding Cake x London Poundcake

Cereal Milk

Snowman x Y Life

Cheetah Piss

Lemonnade x (Gelato 42 x Wedding Cake)

Collins Ave

Gelatti x Kush Mints 11 #77


Florida OG x Y Life

Gary Payton

Snowman x Y #20

Georgia Pie

Kush Mints 11 #53 x Gelatti

Granddaddy Pluto

LPC 75 x KM11 #10


Lemonchello 10 x London Poundcake 75 #88

London Pound Cake 75

Sunset Sherbert x Nip OG

Project 4510

Gelato 45 x Platinum Puff

Rapper's Delight

Lemon Delight x LPC 75 #4


GSC x Florida OG
The Soap

Animal Mints bx #9 x Feminized KM pollen


Thin Mint x Sherblato #10

White Runtz

Zkittles x Gelato