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Brand Spotlight: Old Pal

photo of Old Pal logo for CULTA website brand spotlight

In case you missed the announcement, we recently partnered with Old Pal, a popular cannabis lifestyle brand. We’ve been fans of Old Pal for a while, and are excited about the partnership because we love their mission statement: bringing high-quality cannabis to patients at a price point that won’t break the bank. So, who is Old Pal and what does this partnership mean for Maryland medical cannabis patients like you? Keep reading to learn more about Old Pal, CULTA’s newest partner! 

Who is Old Pal? 

Old Pal is a multi-state cannabis lifestyle company founded in 2018 in Venice, California. They focus on delivering value to cannabis patients by providing an affordable product that’s consistent and high-quality. Through their strategic relationships within the cannabis industry (including their partnership with CULTA!), they’ve secured dependable production and distribution throughout the United States, including in hot cannabis markets like Washington, California, and Nevada. 

Their recent growth 

In 2021,Old Pal received an $8 million investment, which allowed them to expand their product offerings in existing markets and expand to brand new ones. Shortly after the investment, Old Pal expanded to five brand new legal markets (Michigan, Massachusetts, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.) Their strategic partnership with CULTA is their first in the state of Maryland, so our patients will be the very first in the state to have access to Old Pal products. 

Per BDSA analytics data, Old Pal continues to rank amongst the top three cannabis brands in all active selling states. Just like CULTA, their growth has been swift but through it all they’ve never lost sight of their mission statement: providing high-quality cannabis that’s consistent and affordable. 

Old Pal products 

In the day and age of fancy designer concentrates, high-THC wax and shatter, and complex products with names like budder, badder, and butter (learn more about those here!), Old Pal prefers to keep things pretty simple, and their focus on simplicity enables them to keep their products affordable. In fact, they initially set out to disrupt the cannabis industry in their home state and sought to produce the most affordable cannabis in California. 

Despite their lower price point, their flower still competes with top-shelf products. Although Old Pal sells a 510 cartridge for vaping, their main focus is on flower. Available in indica, sativa, and hybrid blends, all Old Pal flower is grown as Mother Nature intended. From mini joints and .5g pre-roll doob tubes to resealable pouches of pre-ground and whole flower, their products are 100% compliant with state testing and offered at a very fair price point. 

Through CULTA’s partnership with Old Pal, Old Pal cannabis pouches will be available to Maryland medical cannabis patients beginning in August. The 14g “Ready to Roll” pouches will include pre-ground cannabis (indica, sativa, hybrid) and hemp rolling papers.. Plus, they’re resealable so patients can keep their medication fresh.

Don’t forget the merch 

Yes, we’re fans of their mission and product, but we also love the elevated goods and gear available over at Old Pal Provisions. Similar to our own shop, you’ll be able to find apparel, accessories, and home goods available in a variety of styles and designs. They’ve teamed up with artisans from their own community and from across the U.S. to stock the ‘shelves’ of their online shop, and even started Legalize Humanity as a way to fight for racial, social, gender, and environmental equality. Old Pal gives 100% of the profits from their Legalize Humanity Collection to nonprofits working towards a more equitable future for all. 

Buy Old Pal at CULTA 

Beginning in August 2022, you’ll be able to find Old Pal products from CULTA at our Baltimore dispensary and partner dispensaries. Prior to purchasing flower from Old Pal, brush up on the flower basics with these articles: