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Seven Mother’s Day Gifts for Cannabis-Loving Moms

woman holding cannabis

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to find the perfect gift for your one-of-a-kind mom. Sure, you could go for chocolates, a bouquet, or a gift card - but doesn’t your mom deserve something a little more unique? If your mom prefers the kind of flowers with THC, we’ve got you covered with some of the best cannabis-themed gifts for the cannabis-loving mom in your life. 

From a medical cannabis cookbook to totally chic water pipes, here are seven cannabis-themed gifts that are perfect to gift on Mother’s Day. 

A Lucky Box Club CBD Subscription 

A subscription box is the gift that keeps on giving - literally. With a CBD subscription to Lucky Box Club, your mom will receive a curated box of premium CBD products delivered to her door each month. It was named the #1 subscription box by Leafly and was featured in the official gift bag at the Grammys. Depending on the preferences selected, her boxes will include a mix of tinctures, vapes, edibles, topicals, and beauty products. They can be ordered as a one-time-only or ongoing delivery. And since it only includes CBD products, it can be shipped anywhere in the United States. 

Tip: Lucky Box Club has a separate THC box that’s only available in California, so make sure you’re ordering the right one!  

THC-Infused Teas

If your mom loves a nice cup of hot tea, take it up a notch with THC-infused teas. These cannabis-infused elixirs are designed to improve your mom’s mood with THC and a blend of natural herbs and flavors like spearmint, licorice, and lemongrass. Unlike some of the other items on this list, these teas contain THC and are only available to gift in states where cannabis is legalized for recreational use. Some brands to consider are Kikoko and Glow Water.

Tip: Many of these teas have up to a 10MG dose of THC per tea bag, so we recommend this gift for moms who are already experienced with consuming cannabis. 

A Luxury Handbag by AnnaBis 

There is nothing currently like this on the market- a totally chic designer-quality bag with built-in odor-blocking storage compartments for your cannabis and other cannabis products. Whether she’s walking into a PTA meeting or a board meeting, nobody will know what’s really in your mom’s bag. Each bag is built with certified odor-loc technology, which consists of odor-blocking layers of resin film that’s used in the food, medical, and electronics industries. Nearly every product on their site has rave reviews, and bags are available in a variety of sizes and designs. 

Tip: Their products tend to sell out fast, so join their mailing list and get new product updates, plus 10% off your next purchase. 

My Bud Vase Water Pipes 

Give the mom who is more than a mom the “bong that’s more than a bong.” These expertly crafted bongs look more like pieces of art and double as a chic, handcrafted flower vase when not in use. Whether your mom is proud to show off the bong or needs to be a bit more discreet, all she has to do is turn the vase around to hide (or show off) that it’s secret purpose. Available in a variety of styles and colors, these bongs are truly one-of-a-kind- just like mom! 

Tip: They come with their own flowers, which can also be used to clean the downstem and bowl of any buildup. Talk about a dual-purpose gift! 

The Patient Journal 

If your mom is new to medical cannabis and hasn’t yet discovered the ideal medical cannabis treatment for her symptoms, this is the perfect gift for her. This notebook was created in partnership with top medical professionals to give patients the tools necessary to chart every factor in their recovery. With 20+ days of guided entry pages and cannabinoid and terpene effect infographics, this chic notebook is the gift your mom didn’t even know she needed. 

Tip: You can save 15% on other items, like companion medical cards or a vegan leather cover, when you bundle them with this purchase. 

A Cannabis Cookbook 

Part reference book, part cannabis cookbook, this book will arm your mom with everything she needs to decide if medical cannabis is right for her. Written by the female owners of an award-winning cannabis company, the information found within is supported by medical professionals, the medical cannabis community, and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). Plus, there are individual chapters for sweet and savory edibles, so your mom can easily find recipes to match her cravings

Tip: This is one of the best introductions to the world of medical cannabis and includes safety guidelines, profiles of different cannabis strains, and real patient testimonials. 

Beauty Products 

Whether your mom wears a full face of makeup or is a little more low-key with her beauty routine, the healing and regenerative properties of CBD have been added to everything from bath bombs and hand lotion to face cream. Apothecanna, a brand distributed by CULTA, has an entire line of CBD-infused lotions, bath salts, sprays, and oils that any mom of any age is sure to enjoy. 

Tip: Head into our flagship store to browse our selection of Apothecanna products or you can order online for an even easier way to buy your mom that perfect gift. 

Whether your mom is new to medical cannabis or an avid smoker, we hope she enjoys her day with the rest and relaxation she deserves.