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white and purple runtz packaging

Everything You Need to Know About Runtz

From its history to its flavor profile, join us as we dive into everything you need to know about Runtz, Leafly’s 2020 Strain of the Year.

Are Cannabis Vape Pens Safe?

In this blog, we’ll discuss the safety of cannabis vape pens & why purchasing them from a reputable vendor is the best way to avoid harmful ingredients.

What's Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome?

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome is a very rare condition that causes severe vomiting and intestinal distress in heavy cannabis users. Learn more here.

Can You Be Allergic to Cannabis?

From cannabis allergy causes and the symptoms to look out for, here’s what you need to know about allergies and cannabis.
homemade jam on toast

How to Make Cannabis Jam

By adding cannabis to the mix, you can extend the life of your stale cannabis and prevent that old, mushy fruit from ending up in the landfill. Here’s how.
veteran sitting down with hands to his head

Cannabis & PTSD: What the Studies Say

Two recent studies have shown the efficacy of THC and cannabinoids in reducing the effects of PTSD. Read about those studies in this blog.
woman doing yoga

The Best Ways to Relax During Yoga

If you’re struggling to turn your brain off during yoga, here are five tips to help you relax more during your next class.
american flag with sky as the background

CULTA Welcomes and Thanks Our Veterans

CULTA welcomes and thanks our veterans November 11 may be Veterans Day, but at CULTA, we strive to honor those who served in the armed forces each ...
two girls sitting near lake

Cómo ayudar a un amigo que se pasó de dosis

Alguien que consume demasiado puede experimentar ansiedad, paranoia y otros síntomas desagradables. Si alguna vez estás con un amigo que se pone demasiado embriagado, aquí te explicamos cómo puedes ayudar.
two girls sitting by lake

How to Help a Friend Who smoked too much

Someone who gets too high may experience anxiety, paranoia, and other unpleasant symptoms. If you’re ever with a friend who gets too high, here’s how you can help.

How to Use Cannabis Extracts: Tips & Advice

If you’re wondering how to use cannabis extracts, this guide will help you learn all the basics you need to know.