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Five Tips for a Successful Green Friday

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The day after Thanksgiving is synonymous with doorbuster deals and steep discounts on everything from big-screen TVs to the latest designer handbags. But it’s also becoming a big shopping day for the medical cannabis industry. Cannabis dispensaries that participate in Green Friday can expect to see sales that are twice as high as those of a typical Friday, according to research by Baker, a firm that provides customer engagement and marketing software for cannabis dispensaries.

Whether your dispensary is participating in its first Green Friday promotion or has been participating since the inaugural event in 2016, here are some tips for a successful Green Friday event.

Highlight the Right Products

Highlighting already popular products is an easy way to attract shoppers during the holiday season. If you don’t have the ability to look at your own sales history, keep an eye on market trends and forecasts for an idea on what items you should be promoting during Green Friday. For example, best-selling categories in 2019 included CBD skincare products, cannabis-infused beverages, edibles, oils, resin, vapes, and tinctures. 

And don’t overlook the most popular strains. Per NUGL Magazine, the most popular cannabis strains of 2020 include Cookies Gelato, Royal Gorilla, and Northern Lights.

Prioritize Delivery & Curbside Pick-Up

The truth is, nobody likes to wait in line or deal with crowds, and the pandemic has only heightened people’s aversion to crowded situations. If the state in which you operate allows curbside pick-up or cannabis delivery, offer extra discounts to those who participate in this shopping method. Not only will it keep your brick-and-mortar store emptier and more manageable, but delivery is the safest option for your employees and customers.

Here are some additional tips for ramping up your delivery and curbside pick-up:

  • Put in place a dedicated team that fulfills online orders
  • Strongly encourage customers to pick up orders promptly
  • Make your curbside pick-up process very clear to customers
  • Train your employees to fulfill curbside orders safely
  • Abide with all federal, state, and local regulations (the cannabis industry has a lot!)

Ramp Up Staff

Hiring extra budtenders, delivery drivers, trimmers, and customer service reps is a proactive way to avoid being understaffed during the high-traffic holiday time. Unfortunately, not everyone has the budget or ability to hire experienced individuals quickly, and some may be concerned about being over-staffed as the holidays wind down. That’s where services like Vangst enter the equation.

Vangst GIG employees (called Vangsters) are interviewed, hired, paid, time tracked, I9-ed, and insured through Vangst. You can specify the exact date range you’d like to reserve additional staff for, and you can rest assured knowing that they’re badged (if your state requires licensure) and are experienced in some of the most common positions in the cannabis industry.

Master the Art of Upselling

If your cannabis dispensary is open for in-person shopping, make sure it’s optimized for upselling (or selling, in general!) Product displays should be set up to the right of the entrance in a counter-clockwise fashion, and make sure to strategically place product displays in hot spots around the store. Keep the entryway and outdoor signage well-lit and welcoming, and separate your store into subsections that cater to a specific persona. You can read more industry best practices here.

When it comes to upselling online, this is where you can get more creative. Some online shops offer extras if total spend is above a particular threshold. Regardless of the method you use, the more opportunities you take to show your customers potential upsells, the likelihood of them accepting increases dramatically.

Use Social Media & Email Blasts

Businesses need to let their regular customers (and potentially new ones) know that they’re having a special Green Friday sale. That’s easier said than done in the cannabis industry, though, since advertising via traditional methods can be difficult. Instead of traditional advertising, cannabis dispensaries should look to direct-to-consumer methods, like social media posts and email blasts.

It’s also important that the information on your Google My Business and Yelp pages are updated. Many businesses’ hours have changed during the pandemic, so make sure the listed hours are accurate. Ensure the phone number listed works (and is answered professionally during business hours) and that your voicemail is clear and lists out relevant information for customers. Here’s more info on how to optimize and leverage your Google My Business profile.

Stay in the Know

With these tips, we hope you’re prepared for a successful Green Friday event. If you’re curious about how to market and improve your cannabis dispensary, bookmark our wholesale blog, and always stay in the know with the latest and greatest in the cannabis industry.