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Brand Assets

Brand Assets

CULTA wants to make it easy for our partner dispensaries to promote CULTA products. We have provided you with these high-resolution assets to post on your website, print or share on social media, in accordance with our brand guidelines. Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us here.


CULTA uses GoBold Bold, a condensed sans-serif typeface used in headlines on all printed and digital media. The condensed sans-serif letterforms make it extremely legible, even at very small sizes. Headings are always set in all uppercase. In certain situations GoBold Hollow Bold may be used as an alternative to GoBold Bold for headlines.

Download GoBold Bold

Geomanist is a sans-serif geometric typeface used in CULTA sub-heads and body copy on all printed and digital media. Geomanist uses basic geometric shapes like a circle, square, or triangle in its construction. As a result, the geometric letterforms of this typeface are perfect for large text blocks of copy and are highly readable even at smaller point sizes.

Download Geomanist Here