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How to Help a Friend Who smoked too much

Someone who gets too high may experience anxiety, paranoia, and other unpleasant symptoms. If you’re ever with a friend who gets too high, here’s how you can help.
photo of CEO and co-founder Rusty from Old Pal

Interview with Rusty Wilenkin, CEO and Co-Founder of Old Pal

In August 2022, CULTA announced a partnership with Old Pal, a cannabis lifestyle brand headquartered in Venice, California. Founded in 2018, Old Pal ...
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Why Are CULTA Pre-Rolls Incredible?

If you’ve seen an increase in the amount and variety of pre-roll products behind the counter at cannabis dispensaries, you’re not imagining things -- ...
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CULTA Welcomes and Thanks Our Veterans

CULTA welcomes and thanks our veterans November 11 may be Veterans Day, but at CULTA, we strive to honor those who served in the armed forces each ...
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Things We Love To Do In Ellicott City, Maryland

In June 2023, CULTA acquired Greenhouse Wellness in Ellicott City, Maryland. While we were initially drawn to Greenhouse Wellness for its premium ...
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What We Love About Frederick, Maryland

In June 2023, CULTA acquired Frederick-based cannabis dispensary Kannavis. Located about an hour away from our Federal Hill location, we felt it was ...
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How Edibles Interact with Your Body

In this blog, we’ll answer some questions our patient coordinators are frequently asked about edibles and how they interact with your body.
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Five Things We Love About Cambridge, Maryland

Did you know that the city of Cambridge, Maryland is just as special to CULTA as Federal Hill? It may be small, but there's a lot to love about it.

How to Grind Marijuana Without a Grinder

Cannabis grinders are so quintessential to the “whole flower” experience that it’s not uncommon for medical and adult-use dispensaries to give them ...
cannabis distillate

What is Cannabis Distillate?

If you’re interested in learning more about cannabis distillate for medicinal use, here are some important facts to help you become more informed.
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Vapes, Edibles, Tinctures - What’s the Right Intake Method for You

This guide will help you determine whether traditional inhalation, vapes, edibles, tinctures, or other cannabis intake methods are right for you.