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Cannabis Gifts and Accessories for the Holiday Season

holiday gifts for cannabis users

Whether it’s your friend, brother-in-law, or even your parents, there’s probably a cannabis enthusiast or two on your holiday shopping list this year. No longer a stigmatized “dirty little secret”, you can buy and give cannabis accessories and gifts openly now. Since it’s medicinal in nature, you shouldn’t buy someone actual cannabis flower, concentrates, or any THC product, but there are still a variety of accessories and accouterments to consider. From simple stocking stuffers to the latest high-tech gadgets, check out this wide range of gifts for the cannabis patient in your life.   

Smell proof bag

To prevent your medicine from going stale and losing effectiveness, you need to store it in a light-blocking, airtight container. These Revelry bags not only keep your flower fresh but they are also odor-proof. Perfect for any cannabis patient on your holiday shopping list, these stylish bags are waterproof and have plenty of pockets for your other medication and/or toiletries. They also come in companion bags to wear across your body or around your waist.  


While ashtrays may feel like an old-school accessory from the 60s, they are a necessity for anyone who smokes cannabis, whether they use a joint, pipe, or bong. Depending on the personal style of who you’re shopping for, you could go with a funky decorative ashtray or a sleek modern one. There are even glow-in-the-dark ashtrays that would make a great stocking stuffer or white elephant gift. 


No, we aren’t talking about cannabis flower. We know they may seem strange on this list, but for the horticulturally inclined people in your life, flowers are a great addition to their garden. Since they attract bees, and bees are essential to cannabis growth, planting flowers does provide some benefits to the cannabis ecosystem. Not only do flowers attract bees to cannabis plants, but you can cut the flowers and display them in your home, helping to cover up the pungent cannabis aroma. 

Bath and beauty products

Ingesting cannabis isn’t the only way to reap all of its medicinal benefits. You can also purchase products infused with CBD. From pain-relieving cream to “sexy time” intimacy oil, there’s a whole world of infused bath and beauty aids to explore to find the perfect gift for even the hardest person to shop for.  Just remember: if you live in a state with CBD restrictions, there may be limitations on what you can and cannot purchase. 


While the average gas station Bic lighter may have worked well in high school, a nice lighter is an easy way to elevate someone’s smoking experience. You can get them a personalized monogrammed one, or this rechargeable windproof electric lighter. For the dabbers on your list, this big buddy torch will help them heat their potent concentrates. 

Cannabis books 

Books are a great way to explore the world of cannabis. There are hundreds of cannabis books to choose from, like this colorful cookbook Bong Appetit or this Guide to Cannabis for Self-care. There’s even a book on cannabis etiquette, written by Emily Post’s great-great-granddaughter. For more ideas, here’s a list of cannabis books to gift this holiday season. 

In-home infuser

For the chefs or mad scientists on your list, this in-home infuser would make the perfect gift. With the touch of a button, you can create your own cannabis creations from bath bombs to smoothies. It comes with an app with access to recipes, a handy herb calculator, and total control to program your infusions wirelessly. Huge bonus: your recipient may share some of their favorite recipes with you! 

Rolling tray

Another practical but stylish gift for a cannabis user is a rolling tray. A rolling tray is helpful to contain your flower in one place as you grind it, roll it into a joint, or pack it in a bowl or bong. You can use the tray for storage or leave it out as a decorative tchotchke. There are even rolling trays that light up, powered by LED, and chargeable with a USB. 

Smoking paraphernalia

There are SO MANY ways to smoke cannabis and smoking paraphernalia is a thoughtful gift for first-time patients, especially if it comes from someone who has been a medical patient for decades. You can get them small one-hitters or chillums, high-tech vaporizers, or even this laser bong. For the artistic people on your list, there are these handmade ceramic bowls that look like fruit. Better hurry though; most of them are already sold out. 


Candles make a great gift because everyone loves them. Whether you’re looking to capture the smell of cannabis or mask it, a decorative, great-smelling candle is always a dynamite gift. For an elevated gift, check out this collection of kush scents from LA-based Boy Smells. For even more air freshening ideas, check out cannabis-inspired air fresheners.

Swag from their favorite dispensary 

Like buying your favorite band’s t-shirt at a concert, most cannabis dispensaries sell some pretty cool merch. From hoodies to tote bags, help your friends, family, or co-workers rep their favorite local dispensary with the gift of fashion. If you’re buying for someone who lives in a cold climate, CULTA even has these super snuggly socks or stylish beanies to keep you feeling warm (and looking great) all winter. Browse our entire online shop here.